Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Beautiful Sean

We've been to Uncle Charlie's house a couple of times recently.  The boys love it there.  They have stairs.  Two sets.  They also have a closet under one of the stairs that they converted to a costume/makeup/jewelry/girly room.  The boys go straight to it.  Charlie's girls, Emma and Sara, are older now and don't "play" in it much anymore - until the boys come.  Then this happens.

Christopher goes straight for the mask and cape.  I asked him if he was Batman and he replied indignantly, "No, I'm a good man". 
Sean goes straight for the jewelry.  And the skirts.  The paci really brings the look together.  But like any good Fashionista, there needs to be several wardrobe changes.  And added accessories.

He has seen these pictures of himself and occasionally he'll ask to see "The Beautiful Sean". 

Paul worries. :-)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Water Park

We've started taking the boys to the water park in Lake Highlands.  We've been a couple of times and, although both boys like it, Sean LOVES it.  Chris gets cold and tells me he's "done" after about 30 minutes.  Sean could stay there, teeth chattering, all day.