Friday, August 29, 2014

It's Just A Friday

Paul was rear-ended in our NEW CAR this week.  It was a 4 car pile-up.
What a pain.
The woman driving the Mercedes, who didn't even hit the breaks before ramming into him, was accusing everyone but herself.  She was the sole reason for the pile-up.  She hit Paul, pushing him into the car in front of him, and so on... and so on....

While is doesn't look all that bad in these photos, the reality was worse.  
About $7600 worse.

I have some fun pictures of the boys too.  Christopher has embraced roll playing.  Sean loves his toy animals.  Sometimes these two activities go together like peas and carrots... 

but most of the time it doesn't.

And now, in no particular order... THE BOYS:

Dr. Phlegm is accepting new patients.
(yes, he chose that name himself)

An Officer and a Pirate

The Sully's are hugging!  I promise it didn't last.

Chris in the bunker with his helmet.

Christopher's first selfie

Sean hugging a creepy height-limit character

My knight in shining armor with eye protection

Sean fell asleep watching Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

Christopher watching TV in his fort.
The flags really bring the whole thing together.

Christopher fishing in the Goldfish pond.

Jazz Hands

Sean is showing Pop how his fingernail is growing back.
I promise.
Also, he's showing him the wrong fingernail.

Of all the toys in Guitarget (Target), this was his choice.

A tired Fireman Christopher is being beamed up.

Paul and I were watching Castle before going to bed, Sean woke up and came into the living room. He landed here and fell back asleep.  Just like this.

Christopher either ate a blue sucker or he's turning into a Smurf.

Sean asleep at Red Pepper (Chili's) AGAIN.

Sean sitting on Grandpa Jay and Nunu's tombstone at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery

Sean throwing the ball and letting Christopher play catch.  
I'm having a margarita.

Christopher being a "Cooker" at Alice's house.  
He's modeling a LOVELY apron which he wouldn't take off.

I have no idea how this happened.