Monday, July 18, 2016

July 4th Weekend

Better late than never I suppose.

Aunt Jill and Great Aunt Debbie had us all out to Tyler for the Saturday before the 4th of July - the 2nd.  Jill has completely renovated her old home in Tyler and it looks so GOOD.  Not sure why I haven't featured it yet on The House Enthusiast.  Oh yeah.  I'm lazy. 

"Stay tuned for Jill's renovation on The House Enthusiast!"

Anyway, she had her back yard all decked out.  There was a zip line, trampoline (brand new), a fire pit (not used ... because July in Texas), two big fans, and picnic tables.  I was impressed. The boys had a great time with their cousins and I got to catch up with family.

 Brent and Paul putting the trampoline together

 fun on the trampoline

#Christopherdarling channeling his inner #MileyCyrus

 Hey - Cristy finally showed up!

Just chilling - or at least trying not to bake


 Of all the things offered here in Jill's Backyard they choose to play in the dog crates.

 Maci eating a watermelon.  Christopher told us he ate 8 pieces..... 

 Woah.  When did Andy show up?  And of course I have NO pictures of his illusive wife.

 Girls only

 Here we are, pretending to look at my phone.  I'm sure it's off. 
 Also pretty sure Christopher is back there eating watermelon.

Thank you Jill and Debbie for the wonderful day!!!