Friday, February 10, 2012

I Won Something!

Today I won something.  This is epic.  I've NEVER won anything before.  My sister wins trips to Galveston, my friends to Hawaii, my parents to Costa Rica (technically my parents didn't WIN the trip to Costa Rica, but in my book any paid-for vacation is a WIN) but not me.  However, today I won 2 tickets for 4th row seats, free parking and Guest access to the swanky "Jack Daniel's Club" at the "Dallas Stars V.S. Los Angeles (whatever they are)" game.  It's not as exciting as a Destination win, BUT I WON SOMETHING!!!!  And I can't go.  *tear* 

The reason I can't go?  My parents trip to Costa Rica.  It was terribly rude of them to accept this paid-for vacation to beautiful Costa Rica which is on MY top 5 places to go just under New Zealand. 

The game starts at 5:00pm.  That's the boys dinnertime and bedtime is 7:30 sharp.  I could leave Paul at home with the boys and take a friend, but I think that's a no-no.  If my parents were in town, they could get the boys fed and to sleep... but NOOOoooo.  They had to go to the beach, or take a canopy tour, or go see a majestic volcano, or take a dip in the Hot Springs.  I'm fairly positive these things pale in comparison to changing diapers and holding cranky kids.  But I'm not bitter.

I won something and I had to give it away.  I'll stay at home with Paul and the boys and watch Blue's Clues over and over and over...  I'll stoically shelf my disappointment and grief while showering my boys with kisses and tickles.  I'll paint a smile on my face as the boys play "fall down" and giggle in delight.  I will persevere and realize that... 

I HATE SPORTS! ...and crowds, and loud noises, and $10 bottled water, and waiting in line to use the restroom...  Yuck!  I seriously couldn't get rid of those tickets fast enough.

I did win something, but it's not tickets.  Nothing I could ever win can compare to what I already have;  a couple of precious boys and a wonderful, indulgent husband. 

So, I'm glad my parents are having a good time in Costa Rica without me, even though it's on my list of top places to go (did I mention that already?).  I'm glad they are swinging from trees, basking in healing springs, seeing a real-life active volcano, absorbing the local culture, dining next to waterfalls, seeing rare and exotic birds, enjoying nature walks... OK, I might be a little bitter.
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