Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Treasure

Treasure was my Siamese cat for 16 years.  I still miss him horribly.  He and I had many conversations about life... whatnot.  He was my best friend.  As he got older he started to have gum problems and started to lose his teeth.  His breath could knock you out.  We slept together under the covers.  I called him my stinky man.  If I was sitting down, he was in my lap.  If I was standing, he complained.  Sometimes I'd wake up at night and find him just LOOKING at me.  Some might find that creepy.  I felt reassured.  Few things have been as painful as loosing him.  The hole in my heart has been mended by having my boys but I still miss him. 

I wanted to post this picture of him in memory
Also, I look awesome with red hair.
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