Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Starbucks Daily: Mug Love

I've recently been on a home improvement craze. You've seen my horrid bathroom dilemma and I think I've got my colors down. I shout a special THANKS to Holly Sumruld who took me fabric shopping to help with color choices.

My kitchen is also under fire and I've taken to completely re-organize it. Pinterest tells me that all I need are wicker baskets, mason jars, and burlap. I went to IKEA to buy the baskets (which were too big and now I have to return them), Wal-Mart for the mason jars (which don't seem to hold much), and I can't quite figure out what in the world burlap would be used for, but I'm sure I'll find out.

As I'm emptying the cupboards to find out what I'm keeping, tossing, and donating, I realize that I have quite a few Starbucks mugs from my travels - and from everyone else's too.

When I was young I loved CATS. I was easy to buy gifts for. I got cat figurines, cat music boxes, cat books, cat prints, cat calendars, etc. My sister would get cool stuff like pretty hair accessories, necklaces, purses, and such. I got cat magnets. While I still love cats, I've come to realize that, over time, the cat theme has transferred to Starbucks mugs.

Behold my collection and despair!

Now that I'm older and less pissy (cough) I actually appreciate these thoughtful gifts. So, if you ever find yourself in another city or country, please bring me back a regional Starbucks mug to add to my collection. Or a necklace.
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