Thursday, March 8, 2012

Perception vs. Reality: Playroom

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest.  It's my new hobby.  I have MANY boards.  I get giddy when I see that someone "likes or "re-pins" something I've posted.  I feel accomplished and validated.  I know that my house can look like this.  The images on the web prove it.  Here are a couple of images that I found for playrooms.  

The first is obviously a girl's room, but neutral out the colors,  make the mirrors into cars or rockets, change the chandelier and VOILA!  I can see my boys sitting quietly in the chairs playing with their puzzles or reading their books.

Photo from

I think this is precious.  All their books lined up on the shelf and some artwork on the walls.  Perhaps their toys are organized and placed into these drawers.  Shoes are lined up and the rug is clean.

Photo from HGTV

Here is another example of a storage wall.  Toys and books are neatly kept in order in these nooks with easy to pull out wicker baskets.  The crayons, pens or paints are nicely organized on the "work" table with the kids happy and calm.

Photo from

I can SO see my boys sitting in these quietly reading.  The room would stay clean and organized.

Photo from

And then I realize that I'm delusional.  This is my reality.  The cute chairs from pottery barn (that the boys were supposed to sit quietly in) are pushed all the way back against the wall, unused and forgotten.  The drawer and shelf (that would have organized books and toys neatly stowed away) are nearly empty - with everything all over the floor.  The floors are FILTHY with stains from leaky milk bottles and sippy cups.  I realize that, even if I had the beautiful rooms like ones above, the outcome would still look like this. 

Photo from the boys playroom

But I think they look happy... don't you?  My house is never going to look organized and clean like those Pinterest photos.  But it will be full of love and craziness... and that makes me happy.
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