Monday, April 9, 2012

First Photo Shoot

Last Thursday some old friends came to town.  I worked with Dean Rowell in Tyler when I was wet and green behind the ears, right out of college.  I loved working with him for 2 main reasons (and lots of little ones)...  He knew a LOT and he was so relaxed all the time.  He once said to me, "I hate drivers who honk at you the millisecond you don't GO when the light changes.  Who needs to be in that big of a hurry!?"  I responded "that was probably me.  Get out of my way, I have people to see and places to be!"  I was joking of course, but he really is just like that... laid back and coooooool. 

His wife, Pam, is a photographer.  I'm not sure when she picked it up, but she's very good.  I was lucky enough to have them come to town on a job interview for Dean and schedule a photo shoot with the boys.  Paul and I have no professional pictures of the boys and I was super excited that she was available to schedule us.  Below are a couple of teasers she sent to me.  I'm so happy with them and can't wait to see the rest!

All photos courtesy of Pam Rowell, Photo_Graphics by Pam.
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