Monday, April 9, 2012

Updated Kitchen

I recently went on an organizing binge and finally got my kitchen under control. I thought I'd post my semi-before and after pictures so you can see how far we came from the very beginning (buying the house) to now.

I didn't get a picture before we painted the cabinets.  They look white here, but they are actually a creamy white.  The green tile HAD to go as did the peeling laminate counter tops.  We lived with the white appliances for a little while, but eventually switched them out.  The floor also had to go after we painted the cabinets because it made them look dirty!  Oh, and the tiles were popping up anyways.

This is what the cabinets looked like before we painted them.  The finish had worn off and there were a lot of scratches.  We STILL haven't painted these, but plan to in the near future.

Here is the finished product (as of today... Paul and I would still love to replace the counter tops with soap stone, butcher block or some other solid surface).  I took this with my camera phone, so the quality isn't great.

Aside from painting the cabinets, we did several things.  We (and by we, I mean Paul) tore up the crappy tile floor and re-tiled the floor with slate tiles.  We decided to tile the counter tops because it was less labor intensive and more affordable than granite, soap stone, etc.  We replaced all the appliances with stainless steel and I painted the walls a Khaki color (all by myself!).  Paul added undercounter lighting and basically did all the hard work.  I think the one thing I would do differently is use oil rubbed bronze knobs instead of the brushed nickel ones (but these were on sale).

I can't remember how much we actually spent on all this, but aside from the appliances I don't think we spent more than $600.00.  Not bad, eh?  (Sorry, too much HGTV Canada)

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