Thursday, February 21, 2013

Trip to Austin

Sean and I went to Austin this past weekend to visit Aunt C.C., Uncle Larry and cousin Alice while Chris stayed home with Daddy.  We left Saturday morning and came back on Sunday evening.  While we were there, Aunt C.C. taught Sean how to drive a truck :-)  He loved that.
On Sunday morning, C.C. made great big, gooey Cinnamon Rolls for the everyone (except me of course).  Sean loves them, but he doesn't love his hands sticky with the icing.  In fact, he hates his hands dirty with anything except DIRT.  Apparently that's ok.   At home, about every 5 seconds, he'll whine and ask me to wipe his hands.  So when he whined and asked me to wipe his finger, I assumed he'd gotten icing all over him.  This time , however, those Cinnamon Rolls looked so tasty that I decided to reward myself a little icing by licking them off his fingers.  It wasn't icing.  Gross.
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