Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sweet Berry Farms 2013

This past weekend was "Chris's turn" to go with me down to Austin to see Alice.  He had been asking me non-stop for weeks when were we going!  Aunt CiCi and Uncle Larry had planned a nice outing Saturday to go to Sweet Berry Farm for the day.  http://www.sweetberryfarm.com/.  They like to go right before Halloween because Alice can stuff a scarecrow and use it with her Halloween decorations.  This year she has a scary tombstone, lots of spider webs on the bushes and Frankenstein lashed to a tree so he can't get away.   Chris was VERY impressed.

The first thing Alice and Chris rode was the barrel ride.  Chris was so excited!  When it was their turn, he bolted through the gate and ran right to the orange barrel behind the tractor.  Alice, got the blue one directly behind it.  Basically the tractor goes pretty slow in a winding pattern around these pink barrel pigs, but the kids loved it.  When it was over, Chris said in his loudest outdoor voice, "CAPTAIN, WHAT IS THAT SMELL?"  I had to get the man driving the tractor's attention to let him know that my beautiful, smart son was talking to him :-)  He simply said, "Son, that's FARM smell!", and shook Chris's hand.  Chris was so proud!

We had a horse ride and fed the goats.
Got some sweet face painting.
Chris is admiring his in the mirror.

We went through the 'maize'.  (Get it??)  Alice was our leader.  She found the bell at the center and then found our way out!
We had a hay ride through Scarecrow Island.
Alice made her yearly scarecrow.
And then we had ice cream amongst the pumpkins.
It was a very fun day!  Thanks Aunt CiCi and Uncle Larry!
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