Monday, November 21, 2011

Dreams - Pink Floyd

I've had quite a few dreams in my lifetime that have never left me.  These are dreams I remember and worry about from time to time.  While I am not psychic in ANY way, I still think about what my subconscious might have been trying to tell me.

Several years ago when I was in my 20s I was having re-occurring nightmares involving catastrophic events caused by me.  I never intended these things to happen, but from some random, small mistake I had caused this diabolical thing to happen.

I call this one Pink Floyd.

I was in a car - a sports car with leather interior and I was sitting on the "hump" or the in-between space in the small, but very roomy backseat.  Sitting in the passenger side was a "dark man".  He was dirty and dressed in rags.  He had a hood over his head and I couldn't see his face.  The driver was a big brown Grizzly bear.  I was holding a straw.  I was watching the landscape go by as we drove down a scenic road.  We were speeding, but I wasn't afraid and the landscape was very beautiful.  We did not pass any cars at all. 

We made a turn and stopped the car.  The Bear and Dark Man turned to me.  I remembered.  We had made a pact.  We were to sacrifice ourselves into the straw and bring forth Pink Floyd.  And in case you were wondering, Pink Floyd is The Beast. 

The Bear started to dematerialize and his essence flowed into the straw.  The Dark Man did the same thing.  The entire car then dematerialized and entered into the straw.   I was left alone, staring into the straw head and I realized that this is wrong.  Why was I here?  I couldn't do this thing.  I wouldn't do this thing.  What the HELL was wrong with me???

As soon as I made the decision not to complete the ritual, screams started to come out of the straw.  The Bear and Dark Man were screaming.  They were being tortured because of me, because I wouldn't finish the ritual and bring forth Pink Floyd.  So, I guess PF was pissed.  Water started shooting out of the straw.  Well, it wasn't really water.  I knew it was really blood.  It just looked like water. 

I started running, but I didn't have anywhere to go.  And the straw started to grow.  Pink Floyd was coming anyways.  He found a way out without my help.  And he was coming for me.

I somehow found a city and I ran downtown.  Everywhere I looked there were children running around.  There were no adults.  The children all had guns and they were shooting at anything and everything.  I stopped one kid as he ran by me and shouted at him to stop shooting his gun.  Floyd was on his way and everyone needed to hide.  The kid just looked at me and said, "These aren't real.  They're filled with water.  See?"  And then he shot himself in the head.

I woke up.
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