Sunday, November 20, 2011

Friday Morning Woes

My sister suggested I blog about this.  I suppose she found my grief amusing :-)

My day started poorly with Christopher waking up at 4:00am.  I put him in bed with us and he fell right back asleep, but I never sleep when he's in bed with us.  So, I've been up since 4.

I had a harder time than normal getting ready this morning.  Chris wanted to be held and, since Daddy was cooking his casserole for his pot luck at work, I got behind getting ready.  It's difficult applying mascara with a toddler attached to your hip.

While getting ready, I sliced my nail to the quick (and it freaking HURTS) on an opened razor in my makeup bag that shouldn't have been there in the first place.  How the hell did it get there???

Dropping the boys off, a car stopped in the driveway to let me pass and he got honked at by an impatient person wanting to back out his parking space - which made me feel bad.

When leaving, I always do a U-y at Walnut Hill and Church. While waiting for the light to change I decided to drink my tea. I didn't have the lid screwed on all the way and dumped nearly the entire thermos on me.  My finger still hurts and I'm now covered in tea.  There were no napkins in the center console of the car, but there were some on the passenger floor.  I put the car in neutral to bend over to pick some up.  The light turned green and I'd forgotten to put the car back into drive, so when I tried to go I just revved.  The mean man behind me laid on his horn and hurt my feelings and made me cry.

The radio started playing the Smashing Pumpkin's "Today is the greatest, the greatest day I've ever known" - so now the Universe and possibly the Multiverse is mocking me.

After getting my Starbucks and calming down, I started to pull away from the window and some douche bag decided to pull out of his parking space at the speed of light and I had to slam on my breaks to keep from hitting him.... spilling the entire contents of my open purse on the floorboard.

Silver lining? I still have my Starbucks, but I have a nearly severed finger, mascara running down my face, wet tea all over me, and I'm cold from spending 10 minutes in the office parking lot trying to locate all the contents of my purse in the floorboard of the passenger seat.  AND it's not even 8:00am yet.

Oh, icing on the cake... I left my phone at home so I can't play Words With Friends all day.  And now I'm crying again.
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