Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What If?

I often have these "What if" scenarios that go through my head.  These aren't my day-mares, just "what if this happened, what would I do?"

The one that occupies most of my time is the "Dies The Fire" scenario.  "Dies The Fire" is a book by S. M. Stirling where one day everything stops working.  It's not an EMP, so one really knows what's happened, but technology ceases to work in any way.  Oh, and guns are out.  Apparently the laws of physics have changed ever so slightly to where gun powder just sizzles and doesn't explode.  So, no guns.  Everyone is back to riding bicycles and killing each other with swords and bow and arrows.  There are even Zombies.  Ok, not ZOMBIE zombies.  Just people run out of food and, well, some start eating other people.

My particular "what-if" is kind of like this.  Nothing works.  If this really happened I wouldn't live very long being an insulin dependent Type 1 Diabetic.  So I guess I should really ask myself why I even bother thinking about it?  Because my brain doesn't listen to me. 

If something happens where nothing works I'm pretty screwed.  We don't own any bicycles.  We don't own a sword or any bow and arrows.  We don't have access to fresh water.  At least Paul can make a fire from nothing and hunt so we may be able to eat.  I think the first order of business would be to get out of the city since that is where all the zombies will live.  Anarchy will reign supreme and the weak will become stew.  If we could get out to the lake house (on foot?) at least we'd have water and fish... for a while.  We'd have to devise some plan for defense since we will constantly be defending our little plot of land.  We'd have to find others and band together.  Build a wall maybe.  To be a vital part of the new Tribe each of us would need a "Talent" to prove that we were viable and not obsolete.  I have no Talent that doesn't include a computer.  Paul has had a little survival training and the boys are the future guardians and providers, so they would get to remain.  Farmers, cooks, crofters, fighters, metal workers, engineers and women of child bearing age will be desperately needed.  I possess none of these abilities.  I fear that I'd make a tasty addition to the stew pot.
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