Monday, October 8, 2012

Officially Old

In an effort to keep the kids from eating or drinking things that have been out for a while, or sticking something in their mouth they found that has probably been under the couch for a week, we've tried to teach them what "old" means.  "Baby don't drink that milk...  It's OLD!"  This has worked very well.  Too well.  In fact, they tell us something is "old" when they don't want it.  I had to post this email that Paul sent to me Thursday morning....  I don't want to forget it because it makes me laugh every time I read it!  It was also right after the first presidential debate, sooooo...

From Paul.  Thu 10/4/2012 8:52 AM
Sean cried when he couldn’t find his juice, it was at home, and I had the diaper bag in the car. When we got to school, I put juice in a bottle and gave it to him. He was okay at this point. Then Chris wanted juice. His orange juice was now officially old. So I poured it out and refilled it with juice and he was happy. They were fine walking into school and everyone was glad to see Sean again. Then I listened to the radio and turned it off on the way to work. Apparently Romney got elected last night….:o)

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