Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Fair!

My new company, idGROUP, gives its employees a paid half-day off and free 20oz sodas to take for discounted tickets for Opening Day.  This year Paul and I decided to take the boys.  I have to say they behaved very well with one exception. 
While looking for the petting zoo we mistakenly wandered into the "farm" area where you tackle an obstacle course in Farming.  You start out by putting on an apron and getting a basket.  Then you get to sit on a small, metal toy tractor. 

Next you snake through the "farm" while collecting plastic eggs, fruits and vegetables, feed plastic chickens, and milk plastic cows.  At the end, you have to give back your plastic goodies and return the baskets.  Chris did not like that.  It was HIS.  He howled like a banshee.  They must have had this problem before because the last area you walk through is the store where they give you a free snack.  Chris and Sean both picked Cheetos and were instantly mollified.

It was HUMID which also made it hot.  The boys poor cheeks (especially Chris's) were bright red 30 minutes into the Fair.  I stopped to buy some water and the boys got to watch a live band play GEE-tars.

We found the petting zoo and that was lots of fun.  There were sheep, goats, pigs, a Yak, a giraffe, and lots of other furry things I don't have names for.  OH and ostriches.  We stayed there a while.  Chris and Sean took off in separate directions so Paul and I separated to chase after them.

We then went to the Dog Show.  It was ok.  Paul remembers when there were border collies herding ducks (or was it chickens?) one year.  This year, the Harley Couple had Dobermans.  The beautiful dogs ran around in circles and jumped over stuff.  The Harley Couple both wore tight leather, had bleached blond hair  and both showed  a lot of skin, so perhaps the show was all about them?

We walked around a little bit more and decided to introduce the boys to Fletcher's Hot Dogs.  They just wanted to eat the catsup. 

We ended the day with some ice cream.  We found a nice soft green patch of Astroturf and sat down.  The boys suffered the ice cream to get to the cookie (ice cream cone).  Chris would really rather just eat the cookie.

It was a very nice day!
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