Monday, November 12, 2012

I don't mean to brag, but...

Can I just brag for a second?  This is a proud "mommy" moment. :-)

I get weekly updates from on "my preschooler this week".  It's basically a small entry on what I should expect at whatever age the boys are currently.  Here is their latest update:

"By 30 months, your child can name a few body parts, some colors, and even a friend or two. Her memory and speaking ability work in tandem. Help out by expanding on what she says. If she says, "Dog sleep," you might say, "Yes, Spot is curled up and fast asleep in his doggie bed." She can't imitate your complex language patterns yet, but her brain is absorbing them. Every time you repeat her words or expand on them, you're giving her memory practice."

I'm all puffed up with pride.  Both boys can name nearly every body part, Sean has all of his colors down and Chris has most of them, they can name all the kids in their class and, although it wasn't mentioned in the small paragraph, they can say their ABCs (Chris can sing the entire alphabet song) and easily count to 10 (Sean can count higher).  They are talking so much better than "Dog sleep".  If they were going to tell me that the dog is asleep they would say "Doggy sleepin on the flur, nite nite.  Don't wake it"!

They're so smart :-)   Clearly, they take after their Daddy!!

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