Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

This Halloween did not go as planned.   If you know me, then you know I was probably a witch about it.  I don't like it when things go wrong and I don't like "Plan B"s.

The PLAN was for me to get home around 4:30pm or 5:00pm, get the kids fed and in the car, head out to Rockwall to pick up Pop and Didi, and get to our Church for the Fall Festival.  There was going to be a Hay Ride, Bouncy House, Carnival Games and Trick or Treating.   The boys would have loved it.   I said WOULD HAVE because we didn't get to go. And I was frighteningly mad.
I was late getting off work and traffic, for SOME reason, turned psychotic.   It took me two hours to get home.  My commute might be 45 minutes on a bad day.   This was insane.   I got home right around 7:00pm and we were supposed to be in Rockwall at 6:00pm.   All my plans were squashed, slashed, choked, murdered, and then dismembered.   I was so angry and tired when I got home I'm sure I looked like a corpse.   I know I felt like a zombie.   Mom had offered to come out to our house to take the boys trick or treating around the neighborhood and I was grateful since I was dead tired. 
The boys didn't care that we stayed home, however.  They had their Didi, pumpkin baskets and dinosaur outfits.  They were happy as cats and in good spirits.  Mom actually decided to man the door and give out candy, so Paul and I took the boys around the neighborhood.  Our next door neighbors, who go all out every year for Halloween, were dressed as Teletubbies.  They drank martinis while handing out candy to all the kids.  We like them :-) 
The boys got lots of candy and wanted to devour it all at once, of course.  We gave them a couple of pieces and got them into bed.  I finally calmed down and went to face the mountain of candy to put away... THE HORROR!!!  We'll be eating candy forever. 
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